Community Collective



To develop long last relationships both personally and professionally. To provide a great opportunity to network for business leads and referrals while also getting support on a variety of business-related topics. The primary goal is to help each non-competing member achieve greater business success and improve the community.


Every First and Third Wednesday of the month from 8:30 – 9:30 am at Supreme Courts Basketball, 888 S Frontenac St, Aurora, IL 60504.


All members are from non-competing businesses or representing a non-competing business. Meaning only one member from each respective field is allowed.


Members are expected to be at all Executive Network meetings. However, members may miss with reason up to 25% (3) of meetings, every six months, with no consequence. Barring extenuating circumstances. If a member misses more than 25% of events, it will be up to discussion and discretion of chair (or board) on whether the member will still be allowed in Executive Network group.


  • Guests may attend up to two (2) meetings per year at no cost.
  • Members are required to pay $60 every six months to remain active in the group.


  • Receive exclusive discounts on all Community Collective events and sponsorships
  • Provide leadership and support to our community’s business, professional and service organizations
  • Promote local shopping; meetings held at member businesses
  • Strengthen local businesses to enhance the quality of life in our community

Join the Executive Network

Application Form:


Chris McMath, Chairman
Executive Network
[email protected]
Shawn Cook, Co-Chair
Executive Network
[email protected]
Kealan O’Neil, Co-Chair
Executive Network
[email protected]
Brandon Lyon, President
Community Collective
[email protected]